Lauren Brown and Leslie Lukas-collaboration

Details, Details, Details!!! Oh, it’s so fun to plot and create new ideas and combinations to use as design inspiration for weddings and events! I had the privilege of working with one of Montana’s top photographers, Lauren Brown, on a recent shoot that we put together to freshen our portfolios and have a lot of fun in the process! Thanks to Elsa Campbell of the Woodlands for the use of one of the most gorgeous venues for our location and to Montana Party Rentals for allowing us to use a few rentals….A special thanks to Lauren for making it look so effortless and for putting together these inspiration boards!

Holiday….i love the hand stamped table cards that were created to greet our guests and the punch of color from the jewel pink rose. This typically would have been on the boring side without them! Rules need not apply for Holiday!!!

Winter Scene…winter wheat from my families farm and white winter berries help achieve a diverse use of natural materials with interesting textures that don’t compete with the wild table cloth…for a simpler look, one could have just used all white flowers in a clear vase for immediate distinction and definition between cloth and decor. This looked completely amazing in the stunning setting of the woodlands…and it left your eyes pleasantly seeking out each pleasant detail.

Fall Flair…I love the fall colors in this story. The red increases the vibrancy of the other materials, making each element POP!


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