Montana Wedding Details

“I want to share an incredible letter of praise that I just received from Laura and Mike, a wedding that I coordinated and designed flowers for in late August of this year…the photo story is incredible, as is the photographer that took them, Lauren Brown…! Enjoy!” LL

Dear Leslie,
Let me just say that having you help us with our wedding was
incredible. You are kind, creative, fun, and you pay extra special
attention to the details. You are also professional, prompt, and easy to work
with. We think you are simply adorable and we loved having you with us. In
fact, we both felt incredibly lucky to have you there to help direct our guests and bridal party,
given that our wedding was pretty large.

Leslie, you think of things that we never would have thought about! Here
are a few tiny examples that I would have forgotten.

  • You made made these beautifully decorated little kits for the wash rooms during the wedding reception filled with combs, hairspray, mouthwash, and mints. People really seemed to appreciated that.
  • Also, you organized a small ladies party while I got ready for the actual wedding, we had
    plenty of drinks, sandwiches, cookies, and fun before the ceremony. It felt so special to have all of my favorite people come and be with me during this time.
  • You even made beautiful ribbon wands for our flower girls to have on their place settings at dinner! They loved that!

My husband was a little shy at first about having a planner help, and
for us, you were the perfect fit. My mother, who happens to be quite
high strung, was concerned about many of the details with planning and
the flowers in particular. Leslie, you brought a level of comfort and
relaxation to her and we felt that it was imperative. You did a
fabulous job and my mother was elated.

The highlight for me was that we had also hired you to do our
flowers. I had no idea what was in store for us but when I saw what
you had done, my eyes almost popped out of my head! Your flowers were
the most amazing arrangements I have ever seen in my life and I
would not say that if I did not mean it. They were UNBELIEVABLE. Leslie, you
made our wedding look and feel so warm and amazing. Mike and I are
still talking about it and so are our guests. It was the most
beautiful time of our lives. Given the size of our event, you made
it all go more smoothly than any other wedding I have been to. There
was virtually no stress whatsoever!

Leslie, you are awesome and our wedding was personal, perfect, and
unforgettable. I really want other brides to know how extraordinary you are.
Cloud 9 is the best place to be on your wedding day.

Big Hugs,

Laura B. Sawaya
2410 Westridge Drive
Bozeman, MT 59715

“Laura is a local artist, and the flower selections that I made were a reflection of some of the dominating color pallets found in her work as I new she would love it! Mike is a bear biologist and I brought in rustic elements that he felt comfortable with, like moss and rocks!”

The guests were greeted with beautiful arrangements in rich, bold, colors. We placed a water table near the entrance with a great looking enamelware water dispenser and glassware, that looked elegant with a small arrangement and river rocks to weight the table cloth…

We almost made the call to move the ceremony, as it started spitting rain, but as the ceremony time grew near, the storm bypassed us, opening up the sky to a gorgeous gray-blue….

Laura and Mike had a non-traditional ceremony which encompassed several religions and spiritual elements…to bring together the difference of religions between thier families and friends….

Guests tossed petals at the newlyweds to help them celebrate….

The couples favorite drink…the mojito…was in plenitude during the cocktail hour, while the bride and groom snuck away for some portraits! Good thinking!!!

More photos by Lauren Brown Photography to be featured in an upcoming blog on this wedding…


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