Featured in Brides….twice as nice!

I am proud to be a regular contributor to BRIDES magazine. This issue featured my advice on finding unique fonts for printed items for your wedding. All these fonts can be found for free at http://www.dafont.com

In addition to this issue, my work in floral design and advice for a mountain wedding was also featured in another issue of BRIDES this year…check out the beautiful photography from the talented Melanie Nashan of Nashan.com She is to be credited for almost all of the weddings that my work has been featured in. Without the beautiful photos, there would be no documentation, no record left of the day except in distant memories! Thank you Melanie for all the work that you do to be published time and time again!
This is the wedding of Rebecca Bronson, an aspiring and talented wedding photographer in the Spokane, WA area www.rebeccahollisphotography.com, and Mark Hollis, a helicopter pilot. Many of the details were carefully crafted by Rebecca and her family. They collected leaves from her family’s property in the mid-west to litter the isle, home-brew was served in mason jars, and the pinecones were also collected by hand. Check out our next post to see all the beautiful photos that Melanie took.


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