Lost my blog

Astoundingly, I just learned that my blog is no longer in existence at http://www.montanaweddingflorist.com All that hard work and extra energy expended to bring you all of the fabulous events that we have worked on the past two years….just vanished! This seems to be a theme for me and some industry friends, but this also gives me a chance to look at the positive, and bring to you a fresh new perspective from what I have learned in this moment.

**I have learned that Technology can sometimes backfire on you, and that you should always have a plan B for your marketing, just as I do for my events.

**I have learned that no matter how many beautiful events are on a website, there are double that number of people to share with you the intimate details of what I did for them to make their wedding or event special and unique!

**I have learned that I LOVE my job, and it is refreshing to put some energy back into marketing and bringing to you our latest work and why our weddings and events are so timeless! I am going to dig in the archives to show you how a wedding that we did 10 years ago seems current today!

**I have learned that I need to share with you all of my kudos as well as failures in order for you to have a successful event!


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