Springhill Pavilion, a montana wedding venue

Here is the newlywed couple, Bill and Heather McCurdy! I couldn’t be more thrilled to have met them. A thriving couple that make their home in Seattle, hired me late last year to plan the most intimate details of their June 19th, 2010 wedding…so many details to catch you up on…here is a wonderful slide show by their photographer Morgan Lamare:
Ingredients for their perfect day:
Leslie Lukas Weddings & Events, full event management, decor and flowers..
Morgan Lamare, photographer..
Springhill Pavilion, wedding venue..
Montana Epicurean, catering..
Story Mansion, rehearsal dinner location..
Montana Party Rentals, rentals..
Erin Leonard Graphic Design, invitations and printed items..
Kostas Lazardious, band..
Callisto Studios, video
1. The veil is ‘Brussels Lace’ and was Heather’s great grandmothers and it is over a hundred years old.
2. The Salmon was caught by Tom Sprague on the Columbia river, near the mouth of the Pacific ocean.
3. The watercolor on the invitation was painted by Heather’s father, Daddy Don.
4. The orchids in the wedding are from Bill’s “Aunt” Barbara Rudvalis who owns and runs an Orchid farm in San Diego (http://www.rudvalisorchids.com/about.htm). The deep plum orchids are from a plant specifically bred and named “William” to celebrate this wedding and the all pink orchids are named “Heather”.
5. Many of the flowers in Heather’s bouquet are from her Grandmother’s garden.
6. The song for the Father/Daughter dance “Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue” was chosen because when Heather first heard the song, she asked her Dad for some donuts, because she thought “Donuts” made her eyes blue.
7. The lead singer of the band, Kostas Lazarides, was the lead singer for Daddy Don & Momma Susie’s wedding in 1972.
8. Kostas Lazarides wrote the words to several songs sung by Dixie Chicks, Dwight Yoakum, the Mavericks, and many more. We included one of his songs on our Wedding CD: “Timber I’m Falling in Love” by Patty Loveless
9. Tiara Whitney (Bridal party) has 2 handsome sons, Max and Mahki, and Heather is their godmother.
10. The flower basket was Melanie McCurdy DeVinney’s (Bill’s sister) basket when she was a young girl.
11. The Ring Pillow was handmade by Norma Stewart, who is Heather’s grandmother Hannah’s sister in law.
12. The silver hair jewelry was handmade by Heather Stewart.
13. The vows are based on a book that Heather and Bill found while staying over at Melanie McCurdy DeVinney’s house over Christmas. It was one that was purchased by Bill’s mom, Louise McCurdy. We have some of the vows from a page that she had marked off.
14. The celebrant, Dr. Duncan Earle, was Bill’s Anthropology professor at Vanderbilt University in Nashville and worked with him on projects in Guatemala and more recently the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Duncan is a trained and initiated K’iche’ Mayan Shaman and a member of the Native American Church.

15. This beautiful location was a movie set for “River Runs Through It” and the building was used in the dance scene for “Horse Whisperer”.
16. The photo of the Scotland highland cattle, which you might also see wandering see out back, was sent to Bill by his mother over a decade ago while she was touring the United Kingdom.

17. Something old: The Veil
18. Something new: Journey Diamond necklace from mom
19. Something borrowed: Gold bracelet from Tiffanys which belonged to Heathers great grandmother Kits
20. Something blue: Heather is wearing a blue bracelet around her ankle that was given to her as a Christmas present from Lindsay Stewart (Heather’s sister-in-law) a few years ago. It’s a bracelet that was made by a group of women in Africa who are working to better their life through international trade. 
This is the beautiful invitation that was created by Erin Leonard.  The image at the top is a water color that was painted by the Bride’s father and was later made into framed prints that the father presented to the family!


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