A country carnival wedding…

The most amazing thing happened this past year.  I was able to work with a most fabulous lady, Cassie LaGreca and her fiance Chris Bailey, originally from Billings, now residing in Chicago.  This couple was anything but ordinary and they wanted to make guest enjoyment a high priority on their wedding day–from a special MP3 event, to relay games, and a beer garden.  Now, I have seen blogs and magazine spreads on country carnival themed weddings, but this was the first of its kind for so many reasons. 
Cassie works as a graphic designer for an event planning company called Kehoe Designs in Chicago….and the photo story by Nashan.com below will tell you a lot, but let me explain a bit of the rest at the end of this photo display….

The day was filled with so many details that flowed flawlessly together by the wonderful vendor team that was in place.  Cassie and Chris are a true DIY couple and exhaustively created so many of the parts and pieces to this unique wedding that there are too many to count!  It had an MP3 event during the ceremony where guests were asked to go on a journey with the cupids of love, all the while a duck race down the creek unfolded the “winner” and what last name Cassie was to take or Chris was to take (Lagreca, the brides maiden name, won and the groom is now Chris LaGreca!)  The bride, also a burlesque dancer, was serenaded by her “girls” late night, and oh….if you could have only been a guest!

Whatever your dream plans are, be sure to enlist the services of an experienced wedding planner to help all your carefully made props, decor, and details come together on the wedding day.  Cassie and I had a ball working on this wedding together….hope it inspires the DYI’er in you!

Ingredients for this perfect day:
Leslie Lukas Weddings & Events–event planning, day of management and decor assistance
Nashan Photographers–Melanie Nashan
Montana Epicurean–unique country carnival fare! and provided the bar, too!
The Bad Larry’s–the band
Moonstone Pictures–videography
Montana Party Rentals–event tents
Kehoe Designs–unique event props, signage and video story booth
Ice Cream Truck—awww, you’ll have to call for the source!
Elles Belles–unique pies, cupcakes and other desserts
Roys Barn–venue
Tonic Salon–Hair and Make-up
Dresses–Vintage Couture

One thought on “A country carnival wedding…

  1. He Leslie – Wow, this wedding totally rocks! I have been to some beautiful, stunning and totally romantic weddings but this takes the cake…. what a unique, fun idea! I only wish I would have been a guest. Love the red and pastels. Awesome job! In much adoration,Barb(ie) Long Gradus

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