Welcome 2011

As I sit here and reflect on another year passing by, I am in awe at just how quickly 10 years can come and go.  From 2000-2010, I have tirelessly worked on creating a business that not only feeds my passion, but has helped countless couples walk down the isle in style, more organized, and more beautiful because they let me into their lives.

How did this all come to be?  I thank the good lord for Martha Stewart….she makes some people crazy, but if she hadn’t inspired me to make my laundry room prettier,  fold my sheets correctly, or the art of a thank you note, and bringing to reality that homemaking can be beautiful, I may have found myself uninspired in the early years of my marriage as a part time stay at home wife with a part time job as a florist.  Then came Martha Stewart Weddings magazine and her many books on entertaining, wedding planning and flowers all accessible to the everyday person…need I say more?  This was a florist-stay-at-home-wife’s dream…I took the dreamy route.  With the inspiring people that surrounded me and a little raw talent, I took the road less traveled and settled as an entrepreneur.  Serendipity.  The right place, at the right time.  And so my journey begins….

we were in this issue!!!!

For those couples in this past decade that allowed me into the most intimate details of their world, thank you.  I am forever grateful and satisfied by the work I have accomplished, the many honors I have received, and the countless magazines that my company’s work has been published in.  There is much to be celebrated and it is all because of YOU!

Today, I celebrate that a decade has come and gone and new one is beginning.  I celebrate the new clients that will come into my life, the wonderful vendors that I surround myself with, and the wonderful opportunities that are formulating right now.

I celebrate my beautiful little family.  Joe, Henry and Jaclyn Claire…you are my world!!!  I celebrate that I finally have moved my home office to my shop…this has needed to happen for the past 10 years and I understand how important it is that you have me completely when I am home!!!  Thank you for the humility, holding the mirror up, and supporting me the entire way!  I also celebrate my best girlfriends for those same reasons!!!  

Lauren Brown Photography

Morgan Lamare Photography

 taken by Henry Lukas, 6 yrs old
Lauren Brown Photography

I celebrate that I am moving forward on a new chapter with my business, and that I am regarded as a leader in my field.  Being chosen as a contributor of BRIDES magazine on a regular basis is validating, at least for me!  I am proud of being published so many times, the simple elegance that I create and most of all, helping the bride-to-be achieve wedded bliss.

Again, all of this could not have happened without YOU…the ones that believe in me.  The couples of my past, present and future.  My family, my friends, the wonderful vendors….living life in the present….learning from the past…..moving forward, living fully, passionately, and without hesitation.

Welcome 2011.


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