Getting ready for Ever After Bridal Event

As I get ready for the Ever After Bridal Event, my friend Mindy Schroder stops by to say hello!  She is an amazing novice photographer, shooting everything she can.  Well, she always has her camera with her, and while I was busy working, she was taking these BEAUTIFUL photos.  This is also a brand new camera she got for Christmas!  I am in LOVE with the photos she takes!

Here is a sneak peak as to what is in store at the bridal event on Sunday as seen through Mindy’s camera!!!

This first picture excites me because it showcases how I lay all my goodies on my design table in layers to make sure it all is going to flow together.  And a bonus…Mindy captured a neat reflection in the mirror~
The “3” is a table number and the apothocary jar will be used like a “wedding wishes” jar at the event tomorrow to capture potential client information…
A deeper look at my inspiration table….
A trick that I will be sharing “using foliage in your table scape design”….
Metal lanterns from India…we like to place moss in the bottom and use a battery “flicker” candle in ours!
I have been growing these paper whites since December 14th or so.  I kept them in a really cold location, but with proper light, so that they would be perfect for the Ever After Event….
You can follow Mindy’s work at  


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