Something Old—

The other day, I came across some old photographs from 2001.  The following is a wedding that Melanie Nashan took and was the first of several of my weddings that were published–all by being fortunate enough to work with Melanie!  My work would have never been seen had Melanie not submitted her images from so many stunning weddings.  Thank you Melanie!  You can see more of the publications we have our work in on our website!

pardon the scan job…digital cameras, were they even available yet???
hydrangeas in galvanized buckets.  Never get old….
a kiss under the tree….Chico Hot Springs as it was in 2001, is still much as it is today!  The wagon is still in the same magical place!

a classic Melanie shot…she was the first that I EVER saw arrange bridal parties in such a creative way.  Now I see so many photographers do this!  

Here is the BRIDES magazine spread…it was featured Spring of 2002


Something New

I just moved my entire home office to the flower shop….messy, messy, messy, but not for long!  It is such a beautiful and creative space, and is coming together beautifully!  The retail part of the store cannot be seen in this photo, but you are seeing the design side, which is all open forum work space!  Our clients love to watch us hard at work!  If you ever want to venture over to Ennis, please come and see us  Otherwise, I’ll gladly meet you in Bozeman or on location.

Here is the desk in its new position at the flower shop and our consultation area.  Messy still, but coming together nicely!

Something Borrowed–

I get to work with a few new vendors this year, which is always exciting:  here is one that I thought I should take the time to spotlight.  By the way, you can borrow her.  She is for hire!  I haven’t worked with her yet, but she is on my radar as one to watch!

Carol Clift Photography–
She just moved to Ennis, Montana from Tennessee.  Loves her dog.  Is very tall.  She is married, and her husband is her second shooter.  I really liked her personality and liked her work!  Fashion Inspired Photography.

She asked me to create a really fun, bright and vivid floral piece for her bridal shows that are all happening this January!  It was meant to draw attention and be bold….like she is!  You can see her work in person at the Bridal Affaire on January 22nd at the MSU sub ballroom in Bozeman.

Darling photo featured on Carol’s facebook wedding photos gallery….I want that to be me!  Cute birdcage veil, too! 

photo I took in my shop of the arrangement I made for her.  Taken by my Droid phone.  I really need a new camera! 

Something Blue–

We have limited availability left for this summer (June-September).  Call to find out if we are still available for your wedding date…and use this blog as inspiration to find new ideas, fresh flower trends, and more!  


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