The country-hick-montana-elegant wedding

So, when I first met Heather, she was with her mom, dad, and cousin, and had traveled all the way from Seattle to make her wedding wishes come true.  She needed full wedding management on a tight budget, and I knew that I wanted to work with her….immediately!  She grew up in Billings, and there were so many wonderful details that she was creating on her own, that I knew I could help her pull her vision together, and use the materials available to make for her country hick, meets sophisticated elegance wedding a reality! 

When she told me she wanted a country-hickish, Montana elegant wedding with super great tasting food–at Springhill Pavilion, my wheels started spinning…and ultimately knew that she wanted a FUN yet elegant wedding!  So, if we were going to call it that, we would need to live up to it!  The hick parts really didn’t evolve much, but did come out in the music (Costas Lazardious & Band–a family friend and recording artist living in Belgrade) and the rustic elements like the burlap table cloths and mason jar florals took center stage. 

The color pallet ended up being red and lavender, a first for me, but I knew that the combination would be striking if used in the right way….

My beautiful friend Morgan Lamare took the photos you are about to see, and captured some really enchanting moments.  Heather was laughing and smiling the entire day….and the warmest thing for me was when Heather and Bill thanked me personally for making everything just perfect for them!

I think we achieved something pretty special–

 Loving, Laughing, having fun….

 more laughing and loving!!!!

 Her dress was just beautiful on her and really matched her personality! 

 The decadent dessert bar was by Elles Belles

 The lilacs in the centerpieces were from my neighbors yard….in late June if you can believe it!

 The Orchids were grown by Bill’s Aunt who has an orchid farm in California….GORGEOUS, and we used them in everything! 

 Elles Belles baby bell cookies were part of the dessert bar….

The birds were a theme throughout, and little wooden birds served as take home trinkets for the guests beyond the edible treats….

 I love this combination of flowers against the red dresses.  Simply fabulous!

The bridal bouquet was a collection of blooms from Heather’s grandmother’s garden and came from Billings in a white little garbage pail full of water….they were lovingly cut knowing that Heather would be carrying them down the isle….

The bride and groom stood under a rustic archway covered with Orchids from his aunts farm….it was a pleasure helping them with their wedding, and enjoyed hours of planning with them! 
Ingredients for the perfect day
Morgan Lamare Photography, photographer
Springhill Pavilion, venue
Steve Kuntz, Chef
Callisto Studios, Video
Leslie Lukas Weddings & Events, full wedding management and floral
Costas Lazardious, band and music
Connie Duglin, Linens


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