BRIDES April 2011– Party in the USA, mountain west

Hi all!  I am thrilled to announce that the latest issue of BRIDES Magazine has hit the shelves, full of great information and fabulous ideas. It represents several regions in the article “Party in the USA”!!!  I am featured as an expert on page 296 bringing good ideas to life for the mountain west!  

While I have been in lots and lots of publications, it starts to feel a bit like bragging after a while, which is not what I am about at all!  I love sharing information on how to make weddings more beautiful, and things that are approachable that anyone can do!  I am so thankful that a publication such as BRIDES, allows local experts to have a voice to its readership.  I love it when someone I know sees it and gets excited that they know someone who is in print! 

So, RUN, don’t walk…and get your copy today! 

PS…I did notice that in the article, they promoted acorns instead of pinecones…oh, well! It would all be darling, you just don’t find many acorns around here!  I was explaining to them that one of my destination brides that came to Montana to be married, brought acorns to use on her tables for a little flavor from back home.  We don’t have a ton of acorn producing trees, here, that is why it is so funny:)


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