Best trip ever!

So, if you are a client or friend of mine….you know that I recently went on a trip with my family to Maui. and….. it was everything we hoped it would be! Lots of sun, sand, and sandcastles….and of course fresh food, family time and relaxation!

The following photos just can’t say enough to the amazing time we all had, and how refreshed I feel to move forward into wedding season!  We stayed in a modest condo unit that we found on for $120 a night, cooked for ourselves, enjoyed the sea turtles, whales, and all the other abundant flora that comes with going to a Hawaiian island.  We bought banana bread and the best coconut candy I have ever had on a trip around the island on one of the craziest stretches of road I have ever been….we laughed the entire time it was so fun to drive on!  Joe went fishing, I went snorkleing….our days went kind of like this:  wake up, breakfast, beach, pool, nap, pool, beach, pineapple break, more beach….and tons of fun with the kiddos! 


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