Disposable Wedding Cameras

I have been doing a little research lately, on…you guessed it, disposable wedding cameras.  I had always questioned the decision of my brides about having them.  I know the idea and concept of guests taking candid photos to capture those “missed moments”, but it always has seemed that the little kid at the wedding gets a hold of it, and the end result is 27 photos of the floor.  And, you did just spend money on a quality, professional photographer, right?

http://www.mywedcams.com/ starting at 2.99.  The black and white above retails for $4.99

So, I am admitting, as a planner, I never really new what to do with them.  I mean, I knew what to do with them, but was so reluctant!!!  Do I put them on the fabulously dressed guest table that we spent months picking out the linen, flowers, and all of the fine details, only to cheapen the look by YIKES!!! a disposable camera?  Do I a decorate a special box or basket and print a cute note and stuff them in there, hoping someone notices them or knows what to do with them? 

None of the above!  I have finally figured it out. 

http://www.myweddingfavors.com/ $6.99 more colors available

The only way that I see these being “a cool” thing to do at your wedding, is to include them in your GUEST WELCOME BAGS as your guests arrive for your wedding weekend .  You  know, the ones that go to the hotel or resort where your guests are staying  to warmly welcome them???  or, the following fun ways to incoporate them into your reception……
Here are a few cute ways to make it happen:

1.  Instruct your guests that you want pictures of them enjoying their vacation and wedding related activities.  Encourage them to take photos along the way, and bring it to the wedding to finish off the roll and leave it in a special basket on the gift table.  You can always post the photos on a site like flickr or facebook and direct them to the site after the wedding is over.

2.  Make a wedding scavenger hunt for your guests.  Type up a cute and fun list of things they must see while they are on vacation.  Such as: take a picture with the dinosaur at the Museum of the Rockies, or show off your vacation wear…or take a picture from the zip line at Big Sky Resort, then finish with a photo of you and your new husband kissing.  Tell them the guests who get the most creative will get a fun surprise after the wedding!  Be sure to take a photo of yourselves, indicating who the photographers were of that particular camera!!!

3.  Personalize it even further by instructing your bridal party and family to get photos of people that are really special to you.  My brother took photos of all the couples at my wedding kissing.  Now, that was a surprise when we developed the photos later, and memories I will always cherish!!!

4.  If you are NOT going to do welcome bags for your guests, use the concepts above at your wedding reception to make it more interactive for your guests and to get the results that you are looking for. This would be a great way to have a photo booth at your wedding, too. 

I hope these ideas get you started on a new way of thinking and bring new life to those disposable cameras!  Now I LOVE them!!!

Custom Camera, $5.99
Leslie Lukas, regular contributor of BRIDES magazine
copyright 2011


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