Montana Destination Wedding: what you would do for friends

I was priveledged to be a part of Kristi and Josh’s wedding in a very partial, yet, wonderful role.  Amazingly enough, I have never met Kristi in person, but I know her sister Jeni Fleming, a local jazz artist, very well.  I have worked with Jeni for years in the industry and with her non-profit Hand Me Down Some Silver. Whenever Jeni calls, I am happy to help!   
Kristi sent me a few photos of what she was looking for for flowers, and since she has such an amazing sense of style, we just helped pull together a few details behind the scenes and the family took charge of the rest!
So, to be completely honest, I only created the bridal bouquet and boutonnier, purchased the flowers for her friend Kathy to put together, and provided the linens.  The rest is a complete effort by the family from the dessert tower, place-settings, and everything in-between.  I did have several converstations with Jeni about set-up, liquor amounts to order, among other things….but this is what friends do for each other.  I am so glad I got to be a part of something so beatuiful! 
LOCATION:  Deep Creek Grange
FLORIST:  Leslie Lukas and Kathy Koelzer
RENTALS: Montana Party Rentals


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