Roses Are Red…

You can say a lot with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Just make sure you know what you’re saying!

Red: I love you, Enduring Passion
Orange: Enthusiasm, Longing
Yellow: Friendship, Freedom, Congratulations to Newlyweds, Graduates or New Mothers
Coral: Desire
Peach: Appreciation, Gratitude
Pale Pink: Gentleness, Grace, Gratitude
Light Pink: Fun, Happiness
Deep Pink: Thank You
Lilac: Love at First Sight, Enchantment
White: Truth, Innocence, I Miss You

Need some gift ideas for Valentines Day?
Flowers are always appreciated and go great with any other gift, such as:

  • gift certificates to the local massage therapist or spa
  • chocolates or baked goods from a local bakery
  • a romantic dinner out
  • a DIY spa basket ( with lotion, bubble bath, scrubbies and WINE!)
  • home made gift certificates for massages, doing the dishes, vacuuming, doing the laundry, watching the kids so she can have a girls day.
Happy Valentines Day!

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