Wedding Favor Ideas

There are so many wonderful wedding favor ideas floating around out there that it would be a shame to do something boring and “normal”.  Giving something handmade has such a loving, personal touch.  Or think outside the box and get something your guests can use at home!

Here are a few of the ideas I came across today…

The Whoo Family

The cutest little clothespins.  What a great reminder of your wedding day!

Wonderful little rustic bags with “Let Love Brew” stamped on the front…
Then fill with your favorite coffee beans!

“A wish bracelet is a simple but cute bracelet that is meant to encourage following your dreams.  The purpose of a wishing bracelet is to tie it on and make a wish…..once the bracelet wears off your wish shall come true!”

Such a cute idea.

From Top Wedding Favors

Cute little magnets for people to remember your special day.


“100 All Natural soaps (Ylang Ylang & Rose scent) wrapped in

Organic Cotton and carry a little tag “LOVE says it all….”

A lovely handmade gift.

                                                                                                        Source: via Mindy on Pinterest

What a fun wedding favor!  “Don’t Get Blinded By Our Love!” and grab a pair of sunglasses.  Perfect for those bright sunshiny Montana days!!


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