Usher Responsibilites


  •  Attend bachelor party
  • Defer to bride for proper attire
  • Help with wedding day preparations
  • Attend rehearsal and dinner
  • Be on time for day of wedding events
  • Greet guests as they arrive at church
  • Seat guests for the ceremony
  • Remain at back of church during ceremony
  • Provide assistance to guests leaving chapel during ceremony
  • After ceremony, release guests from pews
  • Escort guests as needed
  • Assisting in handing out programs, as needed

When standing at the back of chapel, bride’s family is seated on left side of isle.  Groom’s family will be on right.  Offer your right arm for the ladies and escort them to their seat.  Lead men to desired pew, then step aside for them to enter.  Assist elderly guests as needed to their seats. Offer your arm for support or place your arm or hand under their elbow to provide stability and support even to an aged gentleman. If guest uses walker or cane, make sure to provide clear pathway.   One usher may want to clear walkway, while another usher stays alongside the guest.  Once guest is seated, offer to store walker or cane at back of church. You may ask guests if they have a preference for bride’s or groom’s side and seat them accordingly.  If one side of chapel is filling more rapidly, guests without a preference should be seated on the side with more space.

Once you lead guests to the desired pew, request that they go to the outer edge of row, thus leaving space for more to enter pew from center isle.  If guest insists on remaining along center of isle, respect their wishes and seat additional guests from side isles as soon as possible to fill the row.  Guests with young children should be seated on outer edges of pews so they can exit easily if child needs to be taken from chapel during ceremony.

Just before ceremony, ushers will seat guests of honor and mothers.  Once processional of bridal party begins, ushers should be at outer doors to keep late arriving guests from disrupting processional.  Once bridal party is in place at front of chapel, ushers will seat the late arrivals at back of church.  Ushers should close doors to sanctuary when ceremony begins.  Ushers should be near doors throughout ceremony to assist additional late arrivals.  Seat them as quietly and discretely as possible in rear of chapel to avoid disrupting ceremony.   Assist parents with children needing to leave sanctuary during ceremony.  Direct them to nursery or location that will keep noise levels appropriately away from chapel.

As pastor introduces the couple, open doors for wedding party to exit sanctuary.  Once bridal party and parents have exited pews, assist and escort honored guests from pews.    Two ushers will then stand in center isle to release guests row by row from pews.  Other two ushers should have any stored walkers and canes ready for guests as they are leaving pew and again assist any guests as needed.

Once all guests have cleared the sanctuary, ushers should check all rows for any forgotten items.  Pick up programs or other items left in pews.

~Written by Jennifer White of Leslie Lukas Wedding and Events


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