Before or After?

Before or After?  That is the question…

The tradition is to have your photos taken after the ceremony.  Did you know how that tradition got started?  Back in the Day, brides were bought by the grooms, sometimes the grooms paid in cows, sometimes in land.  The bride’s family wouldn’t allow her to be seen by the groom until the ceremony in case he thought she was unattractive and decided to back out of the deal.  After all cows were worth more than women back then… HA! Not anymore!

Now many couples like that first look to be when they walk down the aisle.  The groom standing at the alter waiting for his soon-to-be bride, seeing her in all her glory on her father’s arm, walking down the aisle towards him.  Walking towards her future.

Another option for the bride and groom is to have their photo shoot done BEFORE the ceremony.  You still get the chance for that first look, but you also get that really great expression that the groom may be too self conscious to share with a whole crowd of friends and family.  Sometimes you even get tears…  It’s a precious moment either way.

Photos by Morgan Lamare

Here are some pros to having your photos done before the ceremony:

1) You still get that First Look moment.  It’s just more private if done before hand.

2) Some people say that they are very nervous UNTIL they see their loved one on their wedding day.  This way you can be more relaxed before the ceremony.

3) If you get your pictures done before the ceremony you can head directly to the party after the ceremony.  Everyone will have the pleasure of your company right away instead of starting without you, or waiting on you and your wedding party to get there before eating.

4) Escape some of the stress.  The few hours before the wedding is when people start to panic. (Another way to alleviate some of this stress is to hire a wedding planner!  She can stress for you.)  They can’t find the flowers or don’t know who get’s what flowers, can’t find the guest book for the guests to sign as they come into the ceremony, they can’t find someone to light the candles, they can’t find the cake, etc, etc.  If you are off getting your pictures taken these problems are solved by the time you get back.

Photos by Morgan Lamare

Having the pictures done before hand gives you a chance to get the best outdoor lighting, to drive around to different locations and get some really special shots.  Just one more option for you on your special day!


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