Long Lasting Bridal Bouquets

What makes a successful, beautiful and long lasting bridal bouquet?   Which are the best flowers to use, ones that stay fresh and bright for the whole day long?  Let me tell you!

The bouquets listed below are fairly easy to care for…

1) Keep them in water throughout the day.  If you take them out for your photos, put them back in the water when you are not using them.

2) Keep them in a cool shady spot, don’t allow them to sit in the sun.

3) If you can refrigerate them that would be ideal.

4) Don’t let them freeze.  If you do put them in the refrigerator put them in the middle and not the back.

The bouquet below is made up of

Orchids, fiddle head ferns and succulents.

There are some hydrangea and dusty miller in this arrangement as well,

but those require more care… that will be covered in a later post!

The bouquet below is full of

Sunflowers, Berries and Delphinium.

It looks like it was just picked fresh from a field!

And will stay looking that way if kept cool and wet.

This next bouquet has a feminine, vintage feel and is made of

Anemone, Berries, Roses and Sweetheart Roses.

This bouquet looks bright and fresh and stayed that way throughout the day.

It is made up of Roses and Bear Grass with an Aspidistra Leaf Collar.

This last bouquet just makes me go YUM.  It’s so delicate and happy with the

Canterbury Bells, Stock, Lisianthus and Fever Few with Fresh Lavender tucked in.


These flowers are beautiful and fairly easy to keep fresh and wonderful for your big day.  There are many more flowers that stay bright and cheerful.  Be sure to ask about them when you visit with your wedding planner.

It helps to know that some flowers are prone to turning brown on the edges, drying out or just looking limp soon after they are taken out of the water…

We will also be posting information on flowers that are beautiful in the bouquets but don’t last as long, or stay as fresh.  Stay tuned!


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