It’s out! It’s out!!!–Leslie Lukas featured in BRIDES, UK

Dear friends,

The time has come that I share this news and show the feature!!!  Leslie Lukas has been chosen by Conde Nast BRIDES magazine to represent the Rocky Mountains in their feature of the top 25 destinations in the world to be married.  Who else made the grade this year?  There were wonderful planners and locations featured for the following countries–

Barbados, Canada (Toronto), France, Greece, Italy, Mexico (Mexican Riviera), Portugal, Spain and the United States.  Some countries had multiple locations that made the cut, making for exciting choices for the destination bride.  How lucky that the Rockies made it for the US???

This exciting piece was created by Atlantic Multimedia for Conde Nast BRIDES, and I worked closely with their London-based team on our campaign.  80,000 copies of BRIDES magazine will have this feature, along with great advice on hair, beauty, health, and more!


A special thanks to Lauren Brown, Amy Hallienus, Carrie Patterson, Audrey Hall and Melanie Nashan for their use of photos for the piece. We are very honored to represent the entire Rocky Mountains in this special feature, and look forward to our working relationship with BRIDES as we bring more attention to the Rocky Mountain West!

Happy Memorial weekend!



3 thoughts on “It’s out! It’s out!!!–Leslie Lukas featured in BRIDES, UK

    • Thank you so much, Tori! I seriously wish we were working together more! In the future, for sure! Have a happy, happy wedding season!

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