Easy Fall Decorating Ideas, inspiration

I am so inspired by all the fall goodness I found on-line today.  I typically grab my inspiration from outside my window, but since there is over a foot of snow outside, and it is still November, I decided to see what the rest of the world is up to!

As suspected, traditional fall palates of golds, rusts, oranges, yellows, and browns still reign superior, and the decorating fashions of Martha Stewart, Pottery Barn and Real Simple are some of my favorites.

I found this great centerpiece idea from Martha Stewart that I fell in L.O.V.E with.  Non-fussy arrangements are some of my most coveted…lots of one type of material in an unusual container.  In this one, it is simply a hollowed out pumpkin with fall leaves- en-mass.   Click here for instructions

Here are some more inspiring photos I found on-line from Pottery Barn, Martha Stewart, and another good find: Lizzies Creations–fall decor on the cheap!

Have fun with creating your thanksgiving table and decorating your home.  It can set the tone for your next dinner party and really make your family guests feel even more loved.  Here is a fall photo shoot I did with my wonderful friend and photographer, Lauren Brown, of Lauren Brown Photography and Elsa Cambell of the Woodlands at Cottonwood Canyon.   You can find some great inspiration locally at Montana Party Rentals in Bozeman, Montana….

  1. Use fall leaves or garland to adorn the back of your guest chairs.
  2. Specialty napkin folds can add a decorative element in a pinch– add a fall leaf or mini pumpkin, or tie it with a pretty satin ribbon.
  3. Use seating cards so that your guests feel welcome.
  4. bring out the china and silverware, or find some fun melamine at your local decorative store.
  5. let your local florist create a special fresh centerpiece for you….
  6. create a menu using your home computer and a special font from Dafont…mount it on a specialty scrapbook paper or piece of felt or leather for a more custom look.

Cheers, LL



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