Welcome Spring and Happy Anniversaries!!!

As you can see, we hit blog bankruptcy again!  November was our last post, really?  All I can really say is that keeping up with our clients and business at hand has been amazing over the last 7 months!  I do know the importance of blogging for our business, and feel terrible to neglect this blog where you have come for inspiration so often.

So, I will begin with welcoming spring….such a magical time of year!  Although we have had more snow and cold days, than the bluebird sing-songy ones that we crave, May is turning out to be gorgeous!  Enjoy these photos of a beautiful wedding that we were a part of at the RUBY SPRINGS LODGE, outside of Laurin, Montana along the Ruby River last May.  The owners are incredible, and this quaint fly-fishing lodge has beautiful scenery, amenities, and world-class charm to go with their world-class fishing.

Ivy and Brandy, the couple, found us on-line and through referrals from the area.  We were so happy to be a part of the day, and our love of peonies, which are in season right now, made creating the florals even that much more fun!

Happy Anniversary to Ivy and Brandy!  and thank you for the beautiful photos from Jessie Moore Photography!007DSC_7642web 025DSC_7755 026DSC_7817 027DSC_7653 029DSC_7670 033DSC_7626 035DSC_7632web 036DSC_4415web 037DSC_4416web 084DSC_7766web 085DSC_7767web 157DSC_4474web 165DSC_7920web 167DSC_7928web 181DSC_4507web 210DSC_7979web 253DSC_4560web 254DSC_4568web 257DSC_8085web 281DSC_8153 292DSC_8181 299DSC_8197web 300DSC_8199web 305DSC_8213_web DSC_7635_web



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