Hello, Style Me Pretty Friends! (and 5 Ways to Relax on Your Big Day)

Style Me Pretty Montana Wedding

If you haven’t heard the news, Leslie Lukas Weddings and Events is making its second debut of 2013 on Style Me Pretty. If you haven’t seen the wedding of the lovely Kelly and Ramiro, then head on over there and check it out. (All the beautiful photography was done by the one and only Eye in the Sky Photography. Thanks, Kene!)

And if you’re clicking over here from Style Me Pretty, welcome to my little corner of the internet! *big wave*

If you haven’t visited the House of Lukas before, here are a few posts to get your started: 

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And of course, if you want to get some inspiration or help for your own wedding, click over to my planning website and see what I offer.

Now, on to more good stuff…

It’s almost June here at LL Headquarters, and we are in full-on planning mode. Which means we’re constantly checking email, phoning vendors, and generally trying to keep our cool while also juggling thousands of little planning balls (which is why this is our job! So you don’t have to feel this way!)

If you’re a DIY bride (or groom) or someone who has a planner but can’t turn their brain off from wedding day anticipation, never fear! Here are my 5 favorite tried-and-true tips to make sure you don’t become Bride (or Groom!) -zilla on wedding day.

1. Plan a morning alone.

If you have a large wedding party, this could be difficult to do (I’ve had bridesmaids start their hair and makeup as early as 7am. Eep!), but even just an hour for you to spend taking a long walk, writing in your journal, or simply drinking a cup of coffee while staring out the window by yourself BEFORE the wedding pandemonium begins will be a good way to center yourself, reflect on your beautiful relationship, and get ready for the awesome day ahead.

2. Workout.

If you’ve been on a wedding eating and exercise plan, probably the last thing you want to do is spend an hour in the gym. However, getting your heart rate up, sweating out some of your energy, and spending time alone or with a friend will be a good way to get yourself to focus. All that nervous energy building up as you sit and watch your bridesmaids get their makeup done? Not good. Instead, go for a run, get a little sweaty on the cardio trainer, or take a vigorous yet calming yoga class. Your body will thank you.

3. Drink water.

Aim for three liters today. I know that sounds insane, but all senses are firing today. If you can’t stomach water, try Crystal Light iced tea (not too much sugar so you don’t crash later) or 1-part juice to 2-parts water. And if you’re having mimosas with your bridesmaids, try to only drink one an hour and flush with plenty of the clear stuff (not vodka, silly. Water!)

4. Eat lunch!

I can’t tell you how many brides that forget to eat lunch. They’re so nervous, they can’t eat, or they’re making sure that everything is taken care of, or they’re trying to fit into their wedding dress…the list goes on! However, all that nervous energy + no food + cocktail hour + cocktails at the reception is a recipe for big-day blood sugar crash and burn. Make sure you have a little something and try to get protein AND carbs in there so that you stay full until dinner. My favorite? Turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, pasta salad with sunflower seeds and veggies, or a yummy hummus + veggie + fruit platter. Filling but not bloat-inducing.

5. Take a deep breath. Repeat. Enjoy.

The moments that you experience on your wedding day are unlike any other that you’ll experience…and speaking from personal experience, they’ll go by in an instant. Make sure you take a few moments to breathe and take in all the people around you who care about and you and want to be with you as you usher in your new life with your spouse.

What are your tips to stay cool, calm, and collected on wedding day?


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