How Not to Be A Bride (or Groom!) zilla


Hello, hello, lovely LL followers! Did you have a good week? It was gorgeous here in Montana and I’m polishing the last few details on some of my early summer weddings.

If you haven’t guessed with all your mailboxes being stuffed full of invitations and Save the Dates and bachelor(ette) party requests, it’s officially wedding season!

And though I love the final rush of anticipation as the countdown to wedding day begins, I understand the feeling of overwhelm that begins to take over as it happens (and I even wrote about how to relax ON wedding day). When all those last minute details begin to grate at your nerves and you feel juuuust short of a nervous breakdown.

Never fear! I’ve devised a few actionable tips that you can take during the weeks and days that lead up to your biggest one.

Remember to surround yourself with support.

Get everyone on board and let them know that you are feeling a little frazzled. Call your family, friends, and your soon-to-be-family to vent about last-minute wedding stress. Just the feeling of knowing that you have an army of support and people who love you and can’t wait to share your special day with you no matter what the wedding cake looks like can be an effective way to manage stress (as long as you aren’t letting the stress build up into anger and anxiety).

Be not afraid to delegate.

If you don’t have a planner, it’s really, really difficult to feel totally comfortable with all the tiny last minute decisions that you feel like you have to make. But there are people that love you and might even be in your wedding party that want to help you. Let your parents or in-laws-to-be take care of stuffing gift bags. Allow your future spouse to do some last minute shopping. And utilize that bridal party. If they’re willing to stand up with you while you pledge your love, the least they can do is make a few phone calls so you don’t lose your mind.

Remind yourself that things that seem to be an enormous deal, are probably unnoticed by everyone else.

The welcome bag you covet is out of stock. The forecast looks like rain. Your rental company is all out of the peacock handled spoons that you love so much. These all seem like THE BIGGEST DEAL EVER, but really? No one is going to notice.

You know what they’ll notice? Your gorgeous smile, the way your eyes light up the first time you see your future spouse at the other end of the aisle, how much fun they had when they broke it down with you and your family on the dance floor. Not the number of spoons you had or whether or not your centerpiece caught the light right.

In the end, it’s only a wedding.

I know that it sounds trite, but this is one BIG DAY. It’s not the last day. It’s the beginning of a wonderful chapter, of a life that you’ve never lived before. And if anything? That’s what you will want to focus on. The newness of a life with your spouse, the changes that you are going to see in yourself by giving your love wholly and completely to another person. Repeat those thoughts to yourself the next time you feel like you want to reach into the phone and tear out the hair of your caterer.

How are you planning on dealing with stress in the weeks and days that approach your wedding? Let me know in the comments!


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