8 Gorgeous Ideas for Wedding Shoes

It’s no secret around LLWE headquarters: I’m a sucker for shoes.

Cowboy boots, heels, flats, heck, even TOMS if you please, I’ve seen my brides wear, well, pretty much everything. And I absolutely love it when a bride uses her rarely seen shoes to display a bit of a personal touch. It’s like a little secret that only she and her groom know about.

Here are some gorgeously personalized shoe details that I love.


Classic white is one of my favorites, but this lace pair with embellished heels are simply stunning.


Blue brocade? How gorgeous!


Vintage shoes like these always make my heart melt juuuuust a little. So romantic and sweet.

Polkadot Peekaboo

I love the see-through element, as well as the vintage polka dots.


Flats are my fave, especially when you’re getting married outdoors. And these are so sparkly!


Ohmigosh! Feathers!


Printed shoes are SO in. Why not use it for your wedding?


Now who would I be if I didn’t include cowboy boots, huh? Plus, I love this shot of the bride walking away gathering her dress. So fun!

What are you considering for wedding shoes? Classic white, something funky, or a little cowboy boot to stomp?


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