6 Wonderful Wintery Holiday Decorating Ideas


Hello, holiday season! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and warm, delicious and decadent, homey and hopeful. I had a wonderful time with family, friends, and am especially excited that the passing of Thanksgiving means that it is officially time for winter holidays!

I’m a big fan of using natural elements in my holiday decorating, especially because things you can find in your backyard or your neighborhood park add a particularly festive touch. Here are some gorgeous decorating ideas for your home, gifts, and for that holiday party you’re hopefully not stressing out about!

Evergreen wreaths (and lots of them!)

I love evergreen wreaths because they brings a natural element indoors without seeming too invasive. Plus, the smell is unbelievable. If you’re particularly crafty, you can make your own, or just purchase one when you’re getting your Christmas tree. One wreath is beautiful, hung on a door or over an entryway, but you can also line your stair with a tiered cascade of wreaths or hang them in all your windows, uplit with an electric candle or LED light.

A twist on gift decor

Sparkly bows and ribbons are gorgeous, but I’ve been a fan of incorporating more Montana elements in my packaging lately. Wrap your presents in craft paper (natural or mute colored) and then tie with a piece of burlap or simple twine. Wrap the twine a few times around and then tuck a piece of spruce, pine, or a holly berry into the twine for a natural twist on a traditional favorite. Gorgeous!


Ornaments everywhere

Multicolored globe ornaments are my favorite because they’re so simple, inexpensive, and can be used about a thousand different ways. Sure, hanging them on your tree is the obvious one, but what happens when you have leftovers that just won’t fit on the tree? Make an ornament plate! Take a white ceramic or clear glass cake stand or tray and spread the ornaments around. Add spruce boughs, pinecones, or other natural elements to make it look festive.

Or, if you have 20-30 sturdy globe ornaments, make an ornament chandalier. Take 1-inch wide ribbon and string one piece through each ornament (they can be different lengths for an added element of texture), gather them all at the top and hang above your dinner table, kitchen island, or anywhere else that needs a little cheer. Easy!

Ribbon as tree filler

Have you ever gotten one of those Charlie Brown Christmas trees that doesn’t seem to have enough branches? Don’t be discouraged, just grab the ribbon! Get some chunky ribbon (2″ to 4″ depending on how daring you are!) and instead of stringing it in a circle around the tree, try cutting them into 6″-8″ pieces and stringing it vertically from one level of branches to the next level. Do it sporadically around the tree and fill in with ornaments. When you’re done, it will look like a waterfall of ribbon, and your tree won’t look very Charlie Brown anymore.


It is the season of lights, so why not try to use more of it in your holiday decor. How about investing in a bunch of 2′ – 3′ wire floor lanterns (which you can use year round) and filling them with inexpensive pillar candles (even two or three of varying heights per lantern). Then, buy a bunch of tiny votives (big box stores sell them for 50 cents each or less) and place them on your mantle, dining table, coffee tables, bookshelves. You’ll love the look of a fire burning in the fireplace and the rest of the house lit only by candles.

Stockings hung elsewhere

If you live in an apartment or house that doesn’t have a mantle, never fear! There are plenty of cute ways to hang stockings for a festive, feel-good atmosphere. My favorite is to take some heavy twine, hang it along a windowsill or two columns and hang your stockings with heavy duty clothespins. Or, grab a sturdy branch and hang it from the ceiling with wire and tack your stockings to that. Functional AND fashionable.

Need some help decorating for your holiday event? I’m now planning out my December schedule for decorating and planning. Send me an email at info@leslielukas.com to see how I can make your holiday party the most memorable one yet!



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