We’ve Launched!

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Hey blog lovers,

We have exciting news today…we’ve launched our new brand and website!

For almost a year, I’ve been feeling a bit like I’ve outgrown my old website. And though it feels like I JUST redesigned it (in 2010!), in the world of the internet, that is old, old, old. Plus we’ve grown so much in the last three years that I wanted to take a new approach at highlighting a new style and the updated services we offer.

New colors: while my brand has always been very feminine (lots of pastels and soft colors to go with my love of all things gorgeous and fresh), I wanted to also highlight my (and my clients’!) personalities in my new colors and fonts. I opted to go with a bold blue for my main logo color and add gold as a highlighting undertone, to not only show my outgoing and fun nature but also to show my love for bold colors that pair well with  traditionally beautiful colors like gold.

New font: While I am at heart a professional, I also believe in having fun (I mean weddings and parties are inherently FUN things! Which is why I really believe I have the best job in the world). The lowercase LL’s paired with the fun, slightly whimsical, but still modern and professional font helps to highlight my love of all things modern and streamlined, while also showing that I have a bit of humor and I love to laugh.

New servicesWell, not exactly new, new but restructured so that they are more understood.  I specialize in event design, floral design, and full event planning which is why those three things are highlighted on the website. If those three things aren’t what you’re looking for, feel free to contact me and set up an hour consultation and we can discuss what you might need.

Still to come: We’ve got our initial site going but there’s still more to come! I’ve planned hundreds of weddings, so I’m still sorting through photos to add tons of the most special and gorgeous ones I’ve planned. So stay tuned for more inspiring (and Pinnable!) images.

Also, I LOVE the photographers I work with (Lauren Brown, Morgan LaMare, Kene Sperry, Amy Hallenius, and Jessie Moore) and I have yet to credit them (working on it, I promise!). But in the meantime, check out their websites and see how awesome they are.

And thanks so much for following along as I go through this whole crazy-town process. You guys are the best!

Thoughts on the new website and logo redesign (logo and website courtesy of Barton and Pete, and copy courtesy of Lauren Caselli)? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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