Eight Design Websites I Love


Want to know a secret? I spend a lot of time on the internet. I do a lot of research for my clients as well as my business and when I’m not wrangling contracts and following up for the gajillionth time with a vendor, I’m sneakily perusing the online design world for inspiration on wedding décor and hosting ideas.

So why keep it all a big secret? Here’s where you’ll find me most of the time (unless I’m at a cake tasting or a walkthrough or a design meeting or…)

Design Sponge

Surprise! Am I blowing your mind yet? If you haven’t taken a look at Design Sponge’s gajillions of archives, you’re missing out. Geared more towards homes décor, I still love how the bloggers and designers there can take a space that is pretty yuck and turn it into beautiful. Definitely a good one when I’m presented with a challenging décor job or an unconventional room layout.

Wedding Lovely

This website has gorgeous photography, but it also deals a lot with the more practical side of planning a wedding. If I’m looking for inspiration on how to tighten up a clients’ budget or read lovely stories from first-hand brides, I head here.

Style Me Pretty

Well, duh. I’ve been featured twice (here and here) on Style Me Pretty and it’s probably because the design aesthetic over there is exactly what I bring to my weddings. Elegant, classic, yet modern and organic, with a twist of fun and lightness.

Apartment Therapy

Again, this website has lots of beautiful spaces so sometimes, I’ll go to see what color trends are popping up and how people have creatively used decorating ideas to make small spaces look larger or large spaces look more cozy.

The Knot

I love the Knot, not only for its great advice, but for its fantastic community. The comments on some of the posts are enough to keep me clicking back there for inspiration all the time.

Green Wedding Shoes

Oh my goodness, if you haven’t seen this gloriousness then you are missing out, sister! Made for brides who trend toward fashion-forward and even a bit edgy (they’re in Southern California. Of course they’re gunna have a little edge!)

Bridal Snob

This one is solely pictures, so when I’m looking to do some vision boarding or create an inspiring color palette, Bridal Snob is my go-to. (Also, the language is hilariously colorful!)

Rustic Wedding Chic

Since I’m in Montana, this blog has some gorgeous wedding eye-candy, with a real down-home rustic feel. Perfect for brides who are looking for that country-style wedding, but still sophisticated enough to please anyone.

What are your favorite places to get wedding inspiration? Leave them in the comments below so that I can find more places to get inspired!


Dynamic Color Combo–Young and Fun

A friend called upon me to do the flowers for her daughter’s wedding just outside of Livingston, MT at a ranch on the Wine Glass Mountain.  The event barn where the reception was, is a family party spot where many country stars have performed for their private parties. 
I called on my friend Angela of Fresh Designs to help do the planning, so I could concentrate on the flowers.  Here is a sample of what came about!

Photo Credit:  Morgan Lamare Photography
Planning:  Fresh Designs

My coffee lady gets Hitched!!!

Living in a small community has it’s advantages for sure, but in my book, it’s all about your relationship with your coffee lady.  It could be a coffee man, for that matter, but mine happens to be Jessica, a lady.  She married the love of her life yesterday, Jason, and I had the privilege of doing her flowers.

Modest by nature, and just wanting this day to get here…..and so it did.  We saw the signs around town that a shindig was about to take place, and I couldn’t be happier for her. 

So, here is my coffee lady.  The one that nurtures me, gives me my energy to get through the day, fixings for my sweet tooth, and some of the best salads on the planet.  To all the crew at Corral Creek Coffee Company….cheers to the newlywed, Jessica!!!!

Photos:  PhotoArt by Amy

Getting ready for Ever After Bridal Event

As I get ready for the Ever After Bridal Event, my friend Mindy Schroder stops by to say hello!  She is an amazing novice photographer, shooting everything she can.  Well, she always has her camera with her, and while I was busy working, she was taking these BEAUTIFUL photos.  This is also a brand new camera she got for Christmas!  I am in LOVE with the photos she takes!

Here is a sneak peak as to what is in store at the bridal event on Sunday as seen through Mindy’s camera!!!

This first picture excites me because it showcases how I lay all my goodies on my design table in layers to make sure it all is going to flow together.  And a bonus…Mindy captured a neat reflection in the mirror~
The “3” is a table number and the apothocary jar will be used like a “wedding wishes” jar at the event tomorrow to capture potential client information…
A deeper look at my inspiration table….
A trick that I will be sharing “using foliage in your table scape design”….
Metal lanterns from India…we like to place moss in the bottom and use a battery “flicker” candle in ours!
I have been growing these paper whites since December 14th or so.  I kept them in a really cold location, but with proper light, so that they would be perfect for the Ever After Event….
You can follow Mindy’s work at http://ladybugfamily.wordpress.com  

Main Street Floral, Ennis Montana

It is finally time that I unveil my new flower shop adventure…ok, so this isn’t my first rodeo. After owning a flower shop in Bozeman, then not having a flower shop, to working on flowers for events out of my husband’s shop…it was time again to have my OWN space!!! Thankfully, to all the support of the community and my clients…my wish has come true!!!

The shop has been deemed “A little piece of sunshine in Ennis, Montana”. Seriously, we answer the phone “It’s a sunny day at Main Street Floral, how can I help?” You can instantly hear the smile in the person’s voice on the other line.

Beyond my event and wedding planning business, now I am the proud owner of a flourishing little flower shop, where all the floral magic happens for my events. Since I travel all over Southwest Montana for events, this shop grounds me, and is an incredible home base!!!

The very talented Morgan Roof, and dear friend, took a little trip to see where all the magic happens! Thanks, Morgan, for such a fun day, sharing your talent, and having a cold beer with me.

Here it goes…I am no longer in “blog bankruptcy” as Lauren Brown, another fabulous photographer would put it…by the way, she is currently a blogging machine!!!

So, you can come to expect the same masterfully created Floral Designs that used to get cranked out of Floral Gallery of Bozeman, in this little quaint shop in Ennis, MT. People who miss my shop in Bozeman can still call me for stuff!
This is me, sporting the wonderful hand-made, sometimes re-purposed jewelry, by the one and only Hillary Fetter of Sassafrass. These creations are made in Bozeman, MT and I carry a beautiful selection at my store. She also takes special orders and makes hand-crafted, one of a kind pieces for bridal party gifts! I AM IN LOVE!!!

My little piece of heaven…here it is in all its glory… thanks for putting together this collage, Morgan. I love this piece, as it showcases the vintage garden feel that is Main Street Floral.

Front Window…fun to create displays…currently, the Easter Bunny Stops here! You can find all kinds of wonderful treats, basket stuffers, custom made gift baskets, La Chatelaine Chocolate, Bruttles and more…

View from the front counter.

Snap shot of inside my cooler…so many fun textures, colors, and interesting, organic materials!

I love being surrounding by all things green and luscious!!! I can’t keep the bulb gardens in stock!

As I ride off into the sunset, I leave you with this story. This is me and Morgan goofing around with a photo idea. Morgan saw this blue bike sitting against the wall and thought it would be fun to take some shots of me on it, which it totally was fun, until…. I got busted for being on it. And so I leave you with this. Do have fun in life, respect other people’s property, and make a heartfelt apology if you mess up. I currently have this picture hanging in the flower shop as a gentle reminder. xxxooo LL ps. you may recognize the logo a bit…I used the gerbera daisy from Floral Gallery…the shop I owned in Bozeman. Thanks to Classic Ink in Bozeman for all their help with logo design and branding!

PRODUCTS: Fresh Flowers, Baby Gifts, Jewelry, Green and Blooming Plants, bulb gardens, Compendium journals, books, and cards, La Chatelaine Chocolate, Bruttles Peanut Butter Products, vases, containers, and antiques. Come check us out!!

Leslie Lukas Weddings & Events and Main Street Floral can be found all over southwest Montana…but our home base is:
110 East Main Street
Ennis, MT

I am in heaven…I love this place and I am sure my clients will too!!!